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Considered one of the most interesting towns to visit in the region, King Williams Town began its life on the banks of the Buffalo River as a mission station in 1834. About 50km west of East London, King William's Town is renowned for its beautiful stone buildings, many of which date back to the Frontier wars. King Williams Town has a number of interesting museums - one of which houses the body of Huberta the hippo who walked some 1500 kilometres across KwaZulu Natal to the Eastern Cape in the early 1900’s and the Amathole Museum has the biggest collection of mammals in Africa.

Today King William’s Town is the administrative capital of the Eastern Cape. Despite this, the town is worth visiting for its natural beauty. The botanical gardens are renowned and Jacarandas that line the streets come into flower in spring. Nearby are the Rooikrans and Maden Dams, which serve as great places to fish and pursue water sports and, should you be attempting the 100 km Amatola Hiking Trail, the town is only 22 km from its start and serves as an ideal base.


King Williams Town Golf Course

There are four excellent three-pars at the King Williams Town Golf Course as well as trees, bunkers and water hazards that will challenge all levels of golfers. The Amatola Sun Classic, which forms part of the South African Winter Championship was established at King Williams Town Golf Club.

Nelson Mandela Museum

Known affectionately as 'Madiba', Nelson Mandela is loved and respected world-wide for his tireless energy to bring about a better life for all. Mandela has insisted that the Museum should not be a tribute dedicated to him, but should rather serve as a catalyst and springboard for the upliftment and development of the local community.

Steve Biko Garden of Remembrance

Bantu Steven Biko, one of the most recognised leaders of the Black Consciousness Movement, is regarded as one of the greatest martyrs of the anti-apartheid struggle in South Africa. Born in the township of Ginsberg just outside King William’s Town

Amathole Museum

The Amathole Museum is the home of Huberta, the world's most famous hippopotamus. More than seventy five years after her death, young and old are still captivated by the story of her wanderings. The Amathole Museum, a Natural and Cultural History Museum, has an international reputation, and is situated in King Williams Town, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa. It was founded in 1884. The name of the museum has changed twice. In the spirit of transformation, the name was changed in 1999 from Kaffrarian to Amathole. The latter term refers to calves on the Mathole mountains. Behind the doors of historic buildings, the museum houses material which is of great scientific, historical and anthropological value to researchers.

Botanical Gardens

Large, beautiful gardens featuring five separate conservatories.

Fort Murray

A fort dating back to 1848, built agter the Seventh Frontier War on the banks of the Buffalo River.

Queen Victoria Memorial

Unveiled in 1899, with four muzzle-loading cannons presented to the town a few years later.

Rooikrantz & Maden Dams

Recreational areas of great beauty, featuring a hiking trail starting at Maden Dam in the Pirie Forest and forming part of the Amatola Trail. Pirie Trout Hatchery is also here.


Bellstone, which can be found at the Breidbach suburb of King William's Town, is a unique stone, which when struck, it gives off a metallic sound. Breidbach was originally named Bellstone. The unusual stone bears a great spiritual significance for the community of Breidbach which regularly gathers around it for special services, or prayer meetings. In the mid 1990's the area experienced a great drought, and the town folk of Breidbach gathered at the Bellstone to pray for rain. The next day their prayers were answered when it rained, and the Breidbach community returned to the Bellstone to perform a thanksgiving service.